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The Association of Online Appraisers (AOA) is an IRS-recognized and registered 501(c)(6) not-for-profit international association for all personal property appraisers whether offering traditional appraisal services or appraisals via the Internet. The AOA offers the option of belonging to a high-quality, professional appraisal society offering ethical and performance standards as well as opportunities to earn Accredited Member or Certified Member credentials for the low-cost of $60 per year.

Our Vision Statement

To empower the professional personal property appraisal community to best serve the public.

Our Mission Statement

To promote and encourage education, professional appraisal performance and ethical conduct among personal property appraisers.

Our Goals

The AOA believes that when done in a professional and conscientious manner, traditional appraisals as well as online appraisal reports help serve the public. For this reason, the AOA's goals are:

  • To help member appraisers become more knowledgeable and skilled both to improve their marketability and to improve the effectiveness of the services they offer to the public.
  • To encourage sound professional practices among members.
  • To increase public awareness of what constitutes good appraisal practice.
  • To establish standards by which the public can gauge the professionalism of appraisal services and the adequacy of the appraisal work product.
The AOA accomplishes these goals by:
  • Focusing on developing the knowledge base and standards of practice for traditional and online personal property appraisers as well as for online appraisal management companies.
  • Establishing standards of professional practice and a Code of Ethics for the provider of traditional and/or online appraisal reports.
  • Adopting the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as promulgated by The Appraisal Foundation of Washington, DC as a standard for those offering appraisal services.
  • Publicizing Association standards and educating the public as to what constitutes professional appraisal practice.

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